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About Us


Awarded with a license to bring medicinal cannabis to Houma, Louisiana in 2018, Green Leaf Dispensary is home to the finest cannabis products in town. Historically, cannabis has been used widely throughout the world for various spiritual, religious and medicinal purposes. At Green Leaf Dispensary we aim to educate the public about the medicinal benefits of cannabis use and how to use it to garner health benefits. Working closely with your health physician or doctor, we offer a safe dosage of cannabis with adequately treats your specific health condition.
At Green Leaf Dispensary, we have a highly qualified team of pharmacists who are always there to assist you.

Our Mission

Driven by our vision to provide top-notch cannabis products to our clients, our mission is set the bar high with our exceptional services and products. All our energies and efforts are directed towards our mission of attaining 100% satisfaction of our customers by keeping our products’ quality beyond reproach.

Our Vision

At Green Leaf Dispensary, we envision a future of health and wellness – where people are able to garner medicinal benefits from our finest cannabis products. Our vision to create a strong community of employees and customers that come together to benefit from our high-quality cannabis products.

Guiding Principles

Adhering to the regulatory and statutory guidelines, Green Leaf Dispensary carries out its operations in a legal manner as stipulated by federal and state law. Empowered by the Cole Memorandum, our guiding principles allow us to adhere to national standards ensuring the provision of quality cannabis products to our clients in a compliant and legal manner.

Why Choose Us?

Being of the first cannabis dispensaries in Houma, Louisiana, Green Leaf Dispensary stands out due to its commitment to quality and compliance. Empowered with a team of professional pharmacists, we work with your doctor to offer the perfect dosage and type of cannabis products for maximum medicinal benefits.

Driven by our desire to serve the local community, especially those suffering from complex health issues, we go the extra mile to deliver valuable services. As one of the first firms to get licensed, we work closely with the regulatory and state bodies to provide top-notch products in a legal and compliant manner.

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