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The Cannabis flower

The Cannabis flower is the smokable part of the cannabis plant, especially after it has been dried and cured. At Green Leaf Dispensary we offer the best forms of flower with different strains both Sativa and Indica. The benefits of the smokable part of cannabis is that it immediately enters the bloodstream for pain relief.


Oils Cannabis Oils is known for its various meditative properties without the common side effect of giving you a euphoric high. At Green Leaf Dispensary, we provide top quality, organic oils which provide exceptional medicinal benefits for a variety of health issues in a non-addictive manner. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, Cannabis Oils are popularly used for pain and stress relief.


With Green Leaf Dispensary’s cannabis extracts, you can garner the medicinal and meditative benefits without little or no smoke at all. Enriched with the best characteristics of cannabis, our cannabis extracts are one of the most popular cannabis products around the world.


Made from the finest, organic cannabis and alcohol, Green Leaf Dispensary’s tinctures offer a great way for you to add this miraculous item to your food or beverages. Based on your doctor or our pharmacist’s advice, you can even drop a few milliliters of it under your tongue for direct consumption for better and more potent effects.


Our Cannabis Sprays are made with an alcohol base or an oil base to provide its medicinal and therapeutic benefits to you in an effective way. At Green Leaf Dispensary, we design our cannabis sprays in a way which make them easier to be absorbed under the tongue. Available in different variations, our sprays offer a varying range of euphoric effects – from none to high levels of euphoric relief.

Solid Oil Capsules & Pills

With Green Leaf Dispensary’s solid oil capsules and pills, you can get the exact dosage up to a millimeter for increased efficiency – allowing you to garner greater benefits from cannabis oil in a safe and secure manner. Driven by our passion to offer top-notch cannabis products to our clients, we ensure our solid oil capsules and pills enrich your health and well-being effectively.

Solutions & Suspensions

Liquefied oral cannabis oil products are deemed to be one of the most effective ways to benefit from the medicinal and meditative properties of cannabis. At Green Leaf Dispensary, we offer the most diverse range of liquid oral products in different dosages to address a variety of health and wellness issues.

Gelatin-based chewables

Enjoy the innumerable benefits of cannabis with Green Leaf Dispensary’s amazing range of edible, gelatin-based chewable. Made using the finest ingredients, our cannabis chewable offer immense medicinal and meditative benefits with extra flavor – enriching your experience. At Green Leaf Dispensary, we have perfected the art of developing the best gelatin-based chewable cannabis for our customers.

Oils & Lotions

Alleviate body ache, pain and skin conditions with the medicinal, healing properties of our topical cannabis products. At Green Leaf Dispensary, we offer a dynamic range of oils, lotions, and balms which you can apply directly on your skin or affected areas to enjoy its benefits. Empowered with a professional team of pharmacists, we work with your doctor to help to garner maximum benefits from our topical cannabis products.

Transdermal patches or Suppositories

Specially designed for people uncomfortable with oral dosages, our cannabis transdermal patches and suppositories provide you with the medicinal and meditative properties of cannabis via the skin. Available in different variations and dosages, our transdermal patches elate your mood and offer relief from painful or distressful symptoms in a safe and comforting manner. At Green Leaf Dispensary, we strive to offer you nothing but the best cannabis products at reasonable prices.